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Would you like to change the breakdown of your benefits budget, for e.g. use Urban Sports Club and Flex in combination?

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become.1 Goodies (Urban Sports M-Package) + become.1 Flex:

When you choose this option, you'll have a 70€ Flex budget to spend on your individual needs (Meals, Mobility, Internet etc.) and a monthly Urban Sports Club M-Package subsidy  of 30,00€ (19,90€ have to be paid by yourself).

become.1 Flex without Urban Sports Club:

When you choose this option, you'll continue with your 100€ Flex budget to spend on your individual needs (Daily Meals or Mobility) - it stays as it is currently.

Please note:

It is not possible to transfer a private membership to this plan. To switch to this plan, you would need to cancel your current membership and then reactivate a membership under the company's conditions.

If you have a monthly membership, you can easily cancel it. However, if you have an annual membership, you will need to wait until the end of the membership period before you can cancel.

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