become.1 Benefitsudget

Your flexibility is our mission!

Airbus Protect is now giving you €30 a month in the form of a bonus of your choice.

Would you like to change the distribution of your benefits budget? No problem!

Please confirm the email address stored in the system and select your desired benefit. The change will take effect in the new month.

Please note: The change must be sent by the 10th of the current month for the following month for the change to be taken into account.

Option 1: become.1 Goodies

Your digital vouchers

Receive your individual Goodie by choosing your favourite brand. Airbus Protect will then send you a voucher you user for paying there.

With become.1 Goodies all you have to do is add the become.1 application to your mobile phone and select your favorite voucher.

Option 2: become.1 Flex

Your virtual budget

You can easily submit receipts for the flex modules activated by your employer via the become.1 application.

Your receipts will be checked by become.1 after uploading. If you have submitted eligible receipts, you will receive your allowance with your salary payment in the following month after approval.

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