Employee status

You will find the employee status within the user administration. This status ensures that only employees who are actually entitled to benefits have access to the become.1 platform.

There are three different options:

  • Active – this is the default setting. Employees with this status are authorised to access become.1 and the assigned benefits

  • Paused – if an employee is temporarily, i.e. for a limited period of time, no longer entitled to benefits, this status can be used to pause the distribution of benefits. In the case of parental leave, for example, where the date of the employee’s return is known, access can be paused for a certain period of time. In the case of long-term illness, the end date of the break can be kept open. After the break ends, the status automatically changes back to “active” if the end date is set and employees then receive the allocated benefits again as usual.

  • Withdrawn – in the event of a fluctuation, the “withdrawn” status helps to terminate all benefits and access at a specific point in time. No new goodies or benefits are then paid out.

How do I change the employee status?

To change the employee status, select the relevant employee(s) in the user list using the checkbox on the left-hand side.

  1. Then click on “Users” above the table and select “Change employment status”

  2. Now select the desired status and enter the corresponding start and end date if necessary:

  1. Now click on “Apply changes” and the status will be applied.

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