A central budget to subsidise food, mobility, internet, health courses, daycare and recreational allowances (massage, sports course, overnight stay or similar on holiday). The options can also be modularly limited to individual areas such as food and mobility, should this be desired.

How does it work?

Employers allocate a virtual monthly budget to the employee and employees decide how to use the budget according to their personal needs. To use it, an employee uploads the relevant receipt or invoice for a service used under the corresponding Flex module.

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How do I submit a receipt?

Budget and reimbursement

The budget is virtual, i.e. employees are only reimbursed in the month following the benefit date once the submitted cost statement has been approved.

Budget accumulation max. until the end of the year

If set by the employer, the budget can be accumulated until the end of the calendar year. The budget is cancelled at the end of the year at the latest.

Annual cost statements

If you have submitted receipts for recurring costs, please always check at the end of the year whether new receipts need to be submitted. This usually applies to internet contracts and bills as well as childcare centre agreements and, in some cases, mobility costs. You have until 3 February included to renew the evidence for the new calendar year and for January.

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