become.1 Flex

We have excellent news for you!

With become.1 Flex, your employer has introduced a flexible, virtual benefits budget for you! In future, you can use the become.1 app to have a wide range of everyday costs subsidised by your employer. And the best thing about it: you can choose which benefits suit you best according to your own ideas.

We explain exactly how this works on this page.

Your virtual budget!

With become.1 Flex, your employer provides you with a virtual budget that you can use up over the course of the month by submitting receipts. There are no social security contributions or taxes for you.

With become.1 Flex, all you have to do is download our application to your mobile phone and upload receipts for the benefit of your choice. Alternatively, you can also log in to our desktop version and upload receipts there.

Submit and receive money!

You can easily submit receipts for the flex modules activated by your employer via the become.1 application.

Your receipts will be checked by become.1 after uploading. If you have submitted eligible receipts, you will receive your allowance with your salary payment in the following month after approval.

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