Employers can use goodies to provide their employees with non-cash benefits in the form of freely selectable digital vouchers. The employer decides on the amount of the digital non-cash benefit, while employees can freely choose from over 100 become.1 voucher partners which voucher best suits their needs in the current month.

Exactly which voucher employees receive in which month remains their private decision.

Employers can use the become.1 dashboard to select the monthly voucher issue and its amount. Your employees are then regularly informed when a new voucher is available and can change the voucher partner for the month in question with two clicks if necessary.

Employers can change the value of the non-cash benefit at any time or pause the non-cash benefit.

The digital non-cash benefit is exempt from tax and social security contributions up to an amount of €50 per month.

On the 25th of each month, employees receive the individually selected voucher digitally within the become.1 application as a QR code or barcode. This QR code can be used to make purchases in the shop and pay at the till. Depending on the provider, vouchers can also be used in online shops or combined to make larger amounts.

For tax reasons, the provider must always be selected by the last day of the current month for the following month and cannot be adjusted thereafter.


With become.1 Goodies, digital courtesies can be created for individual occasions in addition to the benefits in kind. These are also exempt from tax and social security contributions, provided they are made a maximum of three times per calendar year with a maximum amount of €60 each.

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