become.1 Goodies

We have excellent news for you!

Your employer is introducing digital benefits for you with become.1 Goodies!

Soon, you are able to receive digital vouchers directly to your mobile phone. And the best thing about it: You can freely and flexibly choose which voucher you want depending on your own preferences.

On this page, we will explain how this works – its super easy! We’re very excited about handing your first Goodie over to you!

Your digitaler Benefit!

become.1 Goodies is a voluntary service from your employer that we make available to you digitally. In Germany, there are no taxes or social security contributions for you or your employer up to a maximum of €50 per month for the benefit in kind.

With become.1 Goodies all you have to do is add the become.1 application to your mobile phone and select your favorite voucher. Alternatively, you can also log in to our desktop version via

Choose, what suits you best!

You can easily select your voucher for the following month by the end of the month using the become.1 application.

Alternatively, you can save your personal favorite in the system and we will conveniently provide you with your favorite voucher every month.

This is how you redeem your Goodies!

After selecting your favourite voucher, you will receive your goodie directly on your smartphone in the form of a QR code or barcode. You can change your favourite voucher every month.

To redeem your goodie, all you have to do is either have the code scanned at the checkout during offline-shopping. You can combine several vouchers of the same provider with each other, depending onthe ToS of the provider, or use one vouchers amount over several times for individual purchases.

Alternatively, you can redeem the numerical code of your voucher in the online shop of your favorite provider.

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