How do I add new employees

You can create employees in various ways in the user administration. If you want to create several employees, we recommend that you do this using the CSV import. Alternatively, you can create individual employees manually. You can use the manual method to decide whether you also want to assign administrator rights to employees. Click on “+ Add” in the top right-hand corner of the user administration to access the “Add user” screen:

Now you see three different options

Manual creation of users (individual creation)

  1. Decide which role the new user should have:

    1. Employee: An employee of the company who is to receive a benefits budget

    2. Administrator: An administrative employee who manages the become.1 employer portal and is able to allocate budgets and issue benefits in kind such as goodies and cards

    3. Employee including administration rights: A managing employee who is to receive benefits themselves → to do this, you must select “Employee” and “Administrator” at the same time using the checkbox and then click “Next” to proceed to the creation.

  2. Fill in the general information and the specific information about the employee

  3. Click on “Create user”

After you have clicked on “Create user”, the system automatically sends a registration email to the email address stored in the user data

reate multiple users via an import (Excel/ .CSV file)

  1. Click on “Upload” under “Multiple users”

  2. Now confirm the company for which you want to upload users

  3. At the bottom left you can download a template by clicking on “Template”

  4. Fill in the columns of the template with the desired information. There are mandatory information and optional information:

    1. Mandatory information:

      1. Email address → Access to the become.1 platform cannot be granted without an email address. A private email address is also possible.

      2. Personnel number → This information is required for proper documentation in payroll accounting

    2. Optional information:

      1. Groups → Groups can be created optionally and help in the administration of employees and their budgets as well as benefit settings. Examples of groups are “Departments”, “Locations”, “Canteen”, working time groups such as “Full-time”, “Part-time”, “Trainee”

      2. Cost centre → Cost centres can also be created as an option.

  5. Click on “Save file” and select your prepared file.

  6. Upload your .csv file by clicking on “Upload & Create”.

  7. Once the users have been uploaded, you can directly activate benefits and budgets for the new users by clicking on “Manage benefit access”:

Once this process has been completed, the system automatically sends all created users an email with a registration link. If benefits have been activated directly, the users will also receive onboarding information on the respective modules.

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