How do I assign become.1 Card access?

This article will show you how to allocate monthly card budgets and activate the associated cards.

Important note: Before I can create cards and allocate budgets, I have to go through a KYB (Know-Your-Business) process and the associated reference account creation process with our payment service provider. You can see how this works here.

Below is a brief overview of the necessary steps:

  1. Initiate account verification
  2. Store SEPA mandate (from step 7)
  3. Assign card budget to employees (see below)
  4. Employees accept the invitation
  5. Administrators release the created become.1 Cards

Once you have created an account, you can now assign budgets and create cards in the next step:

  1. Make sure that all employees who are to receive a card have been created via the user administration

  2. After creation, select all employees who are to receive a card using the checkbox on the left-hand side of the table:

  1. Now click on B1Card above the table

  2. Now confirm the monthly top-up budget and the start date – from this point on, the stored amount will be topped up monthly until the end date (if no end date is set, a budget will be topped up until the contract is terminated or the employee leaves the company). In addition, you can use the toggle button under the value* field to confirm whether the employee may also order a physical card in addition to a virtual card:

  1. As a final step, I can now customise the email notification for card allocation:

  1. Now click on save and all selected employees will have monthly top-ups saved for their own card.

Note: This is not the end of the process!

The last step is to confirm become.1 cards for my activated employees:

  1. Go to the B1Card tab

  2. Select the company you want to manage in the top right-hand corner

  3. In the table, you will now see all employees to whom you have allocated a monthly become.1 Card budget and who have already registered. Now check all employees and use the checkboxes to select the employees for whom you want to confirm the card and click on Issue Card (above the table):

  1. The card status then changes to enabled and a card can be used from this moment onwards

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