How do I choose my Goodies vouchers?

If you receive monthly goodies, you can always change your preferred provider for the following month until the end of the current month. Example: It’s January and I want to adjust my selection for February, then the last possible date to change my provider is 31 January.

On the 1st of the month, I can already see my voucher and the selection from the previous month. I can then request it on the 25th of the month and use it with my chosen provider!

The following steps are necessary to save your selection:

  1. Log in to

  2. Click on Goodies on your dashboard

  3. Now click on Voucher selection

  4. Now click on Change in the lower section

  5. Now search for your preferred provider and select it by clicking on the logo and then tapping on Select voucher

  6. Note: If value levels are specified under available values, you must select a “fallback voucher provider” as an alternative in a final step; this ensures that you always receive your preferred provider. If your voucher budget does not match the available amounts of the provider, you will receive a 2nd voucher from the selected alternative to make up the difference between your budget and the possible amount – example: You receive a monthly budget of €50, but Spotify does not offer €50 vouchers. In this case, you will receive a €30 voucher from Spotify and a €20 voucher from your 2nd choice:

  1. Confirm your alternative provider

  1. You will then find the selection you have just confirmed in your voucher selection:

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