How do I create a bank account?

To be able to use the become.1 Card, you need a reference bank account with our payment service provider. When creating the account, you and your company must go through a KYB process and receive confirmation from our payment service provider. Only then can you create cards and allocate the corresponding budgets.

The KYB process must be carried out by an economically beneficial owner or economic partner. We recommend that you provide all the data and information requested in the KYB process in advance so that the process can run smoothly.

The following information can be requested in the verification process:

  • For companies: The most recent list of shareholders, which contains a list of shareholders.

    • Title of the document: The list of shareholders

    • Company details: Company name, registration court and registration number10

    • Details of the shareholders: Address of the company, individual and total shares of the shareholders

    • Notary’s certification note: Notarised document with date, name of notary, stamp and signature

  • For organisations: An extract from the register of associations or the register of foundations, articles of association and minutes of the meeting

Is always requested:

  • The personal tax ID number of the beneficial owner: The tax identification number is issued to all persons born and resident in Germany. It should be 11 or 13 digits long and not contain any letters. You can find your tax ID on your income tax assessment notice or certificate. You can also apply for a new notice from the Federal Central Tax Office..
  • The place of birth of the beneficial owner(s). Note: This field is marked optional, but is required for positive verification.

The following steps are necessary to create your first become.1 Cards:

Note: To go through the process successfully, the administrator going through the process must be legally authorised to represent you.

  1. Register as an authorised administrator on

    1. If this user does not yet exist, please create another administrator

  2. Select B1Card in the menu bar

  3. Click on Set up payment account and Start

  1. Follow the instructions on the screen:

  1. After this process has been confirmed, the account will be verified by our payment service provider. Note: This process can take 1-2 working days

  2. As soon as the account has been verified, I will see the status VERIFIED under Set up payment account below:

7. As a penultimate step, I can now add a SEPA mandate for topping up my become.1 Cards with a reference account

8. To do this, click on Start under Set up SEPA Direct Debit

9. Enter the desired direct debit account and click Next

10. 10. download the SEPA mandate displayed, sign it and forward it to your bank advisor for the reference account you have stored.

11. Once the form has been received and confirmed by your bank, all you have to do is click on Verify and you can then create your first cards

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