How do I create a one-time voucher as a reward (incentive)?

Incentive or reward vouchers can be created as a one-off thank you. If employees are not to receive a non-cash benefit every month, but rather irregularly, this can also be distributed as an incentive.

Note: For special occasions such as a birthday, wedding or anniversary, you can issue a voucher up to €60 tax-free. We recommend the special event option for this.

In this article, we show you how to create one-off reward vouchers:

  1. Log in as an administrator at

  2. Select the user(s) for whom you would like to create a voucher in the user administration on the left-hand side of the user table using the checkboxes.

  3. Then click on the blue Goodies button above the table and confirm Configure Goodies

  1. Now click on Incentive and confirm the amount and the issue date

  1. The desired voucher is now issued on the defined issue date based on the employee’s stored selection

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