How do I create my own benefit (Individual benefits)?

Via the become.1 employer portal, you have the option of creating your own, become.1-independent benefits, such as pension, discount or company wheel leasing portals. This means that your employees are always up to date on which benefits are offered by you as an employer and thus have a single source of truth for benefits that strengthens your employer brand!

In this article, we show you how to create customised benefits:

  1. Log in as an administrator at

  2. Select the Individual benefits tab in the menu on the left

  1. You can create and communicate new benefits by clicking on +Add in the top right-hand corner

  1. Optional: If desired, you can specify the order in which this benefit should be displayed in the user dashboard (start page for employees)

  2. If you manage several companies, you can specify under Enable companies whether the benefit should be visible for individual companies or for all of them

  1. In the lower section of this screen, you can define whether all employees of the selected companies or only individual employee groups (you define these in the user administration) can view the new benefit, as in the previous point

  2. Under Visibility, decide whether the new benefit should also be listed as a menu item in the left-hand menu bar for employees

  3. Click on Next

  1. Now select a suitable image for the new benefit and upload it via the upload area (click to search the device or upload via drag & drop)

  2. Now give the benefit a suitable name and description. The description should clarify the added value and benefit for employees with a clear process description, if available:

  3. Under Call To Action, you can label the button at the bottom of the new benefit and link the external portal for employees using the respective URL:

  1. Click on Next

  2. Now check the preview for the mobile and desktop view and click on Publish at the bottom of the page if everything has been created correctly and looks good

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