How do I get authorisation to approve cards?

To activate a become.1 administrator for the authorisation of new become.1 Cards, the corresponding administrator and the legal representative (usually the person who verified the Card account) of the company must become active once.

First of all: Make sure that you already have become.1 admin rights. Simple test: Do you see the “Change role” button at the bottom left? Then you are already an administrator.

  • If you do not yet have admin rights: Ask your become.1 company admin to assign you the role. You can see how this works here:

How do I add a new administrator?

In order to obtain authorisation to approve cards as an administrator, the administrator must perform a brief ID verification (as this enables authorisation to the created bank account and the creation of associated prepaid cards).

    1. To do this, go to the Admin Console and click on the become.1 Card tab in the menu

    2. Now click on Set up Account

  1. Confirm your email address, first and last name, date of birth and mobile phone number (this is important as a confirmation text message will be sent to this number)

  2. Click on Create Account

5. make sure you are in a well-lit place and have an identification document such as an ID card or passport to hand for verification and click on Start ID Verification

6. Durchlaufe den ID Verifizierungs-Prozess bis du eine Mitteilung erhältst, dass die Seite geschlossen werden kann

Note: Verification may take a few hours – the legal representative must then approve the authorisation

  1. The legal representative can confirm the request under the become.1 Card tab and then the Company Admin Authorisation tab. Simply select the employee via the checkbox and click on Approve Account.

8. 8. now you can see the same view as the legal representative and you have the option to approve cards

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