How do I select my postcode area?

For tax reasons, the become.1 Card must be limited to one postal region. You can select this region yourself and it applies to the first two postcode digits of your desired region as well as all directly adjacent 2-digit postcode areas.

Important note: You can no longer change the selected postcode region after confirmation! Therefore, think carefully in advance about which postcodes you would like to use.

What does two-digit postcode region actually mean?

Under tax law, you select your preferred region using the first two digits of your preferred postcode. The place of residence or place of work is often used here.

Here is an example:

I live and work in Heidelberg and my postcode is 69115. As I usually run my daily errands in this region, I use the first two digits “69” as my central postcode.

My chosen region and the Card acceptance area:

Selecting “69” means that I can pay with the card at all physical providers (Mastercard acceptance locations) within the 69… region and the directly neighbouring regions such as 63…, 64…, 68…, 74… and 76… in this example.

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