become.1 Internet is a sub-module of become.1 Flex. It can be provided by employers individually, in combination with other become.1 Flex benefits or as part of the full version of become.1 Flex.

Employers use become.1 Internet to provide a virtual internet allowance for their employees. By uploading receipts, employees can have their private internet costs subsidised by their employer.

The internet subsidy is paid out in the following month with the salary payment.

Employees can have internet expenses subsidised by uploading receipts in the become.1 application:


In the Internet module, ongoing costs for private landline Internet (e.g. basic fee for Internet access, ongoing fees, flat rate, homepods), as well as the costs of installation (e.g. connection, modem) can be reimbursed.

If the costs remain the same, a current invoice must be submitted for each calendar year.

The proof of costs must be issued to the employee. If this is not the case and the costs are covered by the partner, for example, additional proof must be provided (standing order, joint account, transfer to the cost bearer, etc.)

The following information must be clearly visible in the receipt:

  • Invoice date
  • Name of the provider
  • service
  • Costs
  • Contractual partner

When submitting on the platform, the following must be stated in addition to the submission of the proof:

  • Reimbursement month(s)
  • Monthly costs

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