become.1 Meals is a sub-module of become.1 Flex. It can be provided by employers individually, in combination with other become.1 Flex benefits or as part of the full version of become.1 Flex.

Employers use become.1 Meals to provide a virtual meal allowance for their employees. By uploading receipts, employees can have a meal subsidised by their employer for a maximum of 15 days per month, up to a maximum of € 7.23 per day.

The meal allowance is paid out in the following month with the salary payment.

The subsidisation of a meal via become.1 Meals is up to tax-free for employers. The actual amount of the tax burden depends on the personal contribution made by the employee (invoice amount) and is a maximum of 25% of the non-cash benefit value of € 4.13 (as of 2024).

The tax burden on this non-cash benefit value is reduced by the employee’s own contribution. From an invoice amount of € 11.36, the non-cash benefit value is also tax-free for employers.

Employees can have meals subsidised by uploading receipts to the become.1 application:

The Meals module can be used to reimburse costs for meals on working days. The receipts are independent of the provider – whether restaurant, supermarket or bakery. In addition, drinks up to 2.5 litres can also be submitted in connection with a meal.
What, for example, cannot be refunded?
  • Items that cannot be consumed, e.g. cigarettes, deposits, delivery charges, tips, etc.
  • Food supplements
  • Stock purchases
  • Alcoholic beverages

The following information must be clearly evident from a certificate:

  • Date of service
  • Name of the provider
  • Address of the provider
  • Service
  • Cost of service

When submitting on the platform, the following must be stated in addition to the submission of the proof:

  • Date of service
  • Cost of the meal
  • Benefit (if not all articles are to be submitted)

Salary conversion possible:

  • If desired by the employer and employee, the Meals solution can also be used as a gross salary conversion – the standard is a salary supplement
  • Employees save up to 50% income tax and social security contributions compared to gross wages
  • In the event of a conversion, a labour law basis should be concluded as an addendum to the employment contract

Frequently asked questions:

  • If the name and address of the supplier are missing, this may be added later
  • The date may not be added or changed
  • Several receipts may be submitted for one working day (service date), but these must be submitted individually

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