User Administration

Click on “User management” in your menu to access an overview of all employees and administrators.

User administration is the centrepiece of the become.1 platform! The most important functionalities at a glance:

  • User creation: Create or import employees and administrators and invite them to the become.1 platform

  • Customise user data: Store or customise employee data such as email addresses, personnel numbers, cost centres or employee groups

  • Invite users to become.1: Resend registration links to employees and administrators

  • Assigning benefits: Activate benefits modules and assign and withdraw benefits budgets

  • Customise employee status: Terminate, pause or reactivate employees

To systematically manage several employees, you can set some filters by clicking on the “Filter icon” in the top right-hand corner (below the “+ Add” button). There, for example, you can manage certain employee groups as a whole or select individual companies for a group assessment of several companies:

To edit users, you can select individual or multiple employees on the far left of the table using the checkboxes and then assign or change benefits and budgets using the action buttons that now appear (Goodies, Flex, B1Card and Users above the table):

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