Where can I find an overview of the issued vouchers?

To track which goodies have been issued in the past or to see whether an employee has already received an annual birthday voucher, for example, the goodies overview will help you.

To get to the goodies overview:

  1. Log in as an administrator at app.become1.de

  2. Click on Goodies in the menu bar

  3. Here you will find two overviews, which you can select by clicking below the heading Goodies vouchers:

    1. Vouchers: This overview shows you all historical values, i.e. goodies that have already been issued

    2. Planned vouchers: This overview shows you all planned values, i.e. goodies set for the futur

4. You can select individual values by clicking on the checkbox or all values by clicking on the top checkbox and then export an Excel list using the download icon that appears in the top right-hand corne

5. You can view planned goodies via the Planned vouchers overview and adjust or delete them if necessary

6. Simply select the planned goodie you want to customise and click on delete

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